Maple Syrup

First a word about our products. They are all 100% pure maple syrup and organic.  The syrup is made from Ohio Sugar, Red and Silver maple trees.  While we are not able to confirm many of the attributions made to our maple syrup, we should mention a few...

  • Men are reported to become more handsome and women more beautiful after only a few servings.
  • One dental student studying for the entrance exam for dental school put a teaspoon of maple syrup in her coffee every morning. Wouldn’t you know it, she ended up getting a perfect score.
  • Politicians, after just one bottle, have been known to become more honest. After two bottles, some have even lowered taxes and their salaries.
  • A young girl was able to stop an on-coming train with just two fingers when her adventurous cat wandered onto the tracks. It was reported she had Doc’s Court on her oatmeal that morning.
  • Contestants at the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas now get their blood tested for Glenford Farms maple syrup prior to events. Straight flushes were consistently dealt to Glenford Farms 'Golden' users.

So, if you find yourself in a game of chance or needing to demonstrate feats of strength, reach for Glenford Farms maple syrup.